World’s Most Expensive Paintball Guns

by Anna on April 22, 2012

in Bedlamonium

If you thought you have spent a lot money on your last paintball gun purchase, think again as Anna @BedlamPaintball brings you the World’s Most Expensive Paintball Guns.

Paintball is a game for people from all walks of life who are looking for that adrenalin rush. Although this is the case, paintball is still a game where you need to shell out some cash. If you are in a tight budget, you can rent out equipment that most paintball game zones offer or buy a second hand marker. However, if you have that extra cash to splurge, you can always invest in a good paintball gun that can either give you a good edge or a stylish look.

If you are looking for “The Paintball Marker” or just someone who is curious of how those expensive paintball guns look like, here’s your chance to take a little sneak peak on the World’s Most Expensive Paintball Guns.

#1 Planet Eclipse SL91 Geo

Most expensive paintball gunsTo date there has only ever been one SL91 that has ever been anodised and assembled which has seen the light of day, and that has been in the hands of  Steve “Flash” Monks.

Well, until now that is. In total ten SL91 prototypes were manufactured but have been under lock and key in the R&D Lab.

The choice was then made to offer six people close to Planet the opportunity to buy one of the remaining eight SL91s, and the last two were auctioned on eBay – it was the first of the two eBay SL91s that sold for $7000. The second went for $6200, or it might have been $6400.

#2 Bling Ego 09

most expensive paintball gunsThe Bling Ego 09 from Eclipse is the most expensive paintball gun in the world with a price tag of $5001. It is actually a standard Eclipse Ego 09 with Swarovski crystals that were glued individually by hand. No added features in this gun, just its external shine from the crystals. This is more of a “show” marker, not the type of gun which you’ll be bringing in the game.

#3 Breda M37 8mm Machine Gun

most expensive paintball gunsThis paintball marker comes with custom electronic trigger that can fire in semi-auto, 3 shot burst and full auto modes. This replica is constructed using a brand-new Airgun Designs Autimag RT Pro paintgun. It also comes with Smart parts All-American barrel and a Q-loader automatic paintball feed system with two Q pods and pod loader hopper. With these features and more, the price tag is a whopping $4,999.


#4 RAP4 T68 M240 Machine Gun

most expensive paintball gunsThis $4500 paintball gun is a realistic trainer type marker which is patterned in an M60 machine gun that was used by the U.S troops in Vietnam. This is a gas powered , 400 paintball, fully automatic gun.



#5 RAP4 T68 Avenger

most expensive paintball gunsWith a $4000 price tag, this was claimed as the most powerful paintball gun made. A realistic type paintball gun with silenced sniper barrel and twin grenade launchers. A sniper scope gives long range accuracy and the red dot scope allows for rapid targets at closer ranges. A full squad of power in one arm.


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