You remember Super Soakers right?

by michael on September 8, 2010

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Super Soaker

Where did they go? Or are they still around in Toys ‘R’ Us and the like? Can someone please clarify. Anyway I remember having one and it was great; such power, such precision (kind of) and enough water to keep my dog annoyed all afternoon. What got me thinking about this was an article I read over on David’s Paintball Blog which talked about HydroTec’s much-anticipated new water-based paintball.

I’ve yet to try one of these, and I suspect it’ll be a while until I can get my hands on a hopper full, but I really like the idea. Obviously my initial picture of a sludgy, paint-filled water bomb wasn’t at all accurate, as they are simply standard paintballs but made using water-based paint. Why bother, I hear you yell from the back? Well, apart from how sticky the regular oil-based paintballs get (not to mention the oil slick affect they can have on a ramp or battlement after hours of play), oil-based paintballs have also been in the news a hell of a lot lately for attracting some unwanted visitors.

Whether the new balls will really cause a stir in the industry we’ll soon find out, but it’s great to see companies like HydroTec innovatively trying to push our sport forward.

See you next time!

P.S. Turns out those Super Soakers were even more popular that I thought!

  • JL

    Ah! These things would never last long in my day. A day’s fun and the thing would get blocked, broken, or both 😉

  • Angela

    Super soakers rock! Great summer fun 😀

  • C_p7742

    Thanks for the video on youtube link.
    I remember good ol days…sigh…especially when summer… Time flies really fast
    I love this post! thanks again! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Had a great water fight last summer with some of my friends! Some super soakers and some unbranded ones. Add food coloring, girlfriends joining in and white t-shirt to that and you have an incredible time :). Not to mention getting dry afterwards in front of a fire with a beer in your hand.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds totally awesome man 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… Maybe super soakers would be a way in for my friends who don’t want to try paintball(yep… they are scared…)? Just play around and warm them up to the idea.

  • June

    @ Bome- I have to agree with you especially the last part with beer in your hand.( I can imagine myself doing it sigh…) I really love super soakers like other people do. Wish to read more about super soakers… such a great invention

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